Contextual Advertising Failures

Win some, lose some

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The Dutch national lottery, the “Staatsloterij”, decided to be honest about the actual changes for winning. There have been speculations about the changes being much lower than communicated and the decision to be open about this subject is much anticipated by the Dutch public. The Postcode Loterij – one of their biggest competitors –  smells a change to gain some new participants and has a strategically placed banner on The Netherlands’ largest news site directly below an article on this matter.


Random Contextual Advertising Failures

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Zoliblog posted some interesting and very inappropriate contextual advertising blunders found in a article a while ago. Check it out the post on

Also posted a little while ago but non the less interesting was this post I found on the most respectable blog Remember all the loose bodyparts (espescially feet) washing up on the American east coasts? Follow the link to read the whole story on Warning: don’t read during lunch 🙂

And some more examples of contextual advertising gone wrong. This time in combination with online video. Find out more on faulty video ads on

Failure #2: Crisis? Time For Change!

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Carriere Chancen?

Roughly translated from German title: “US carmakers fall into existence crisis”, banner “Change Your Career”.

Found at

Failure #1: Awkward Extremities

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Found on Youtube. Check out the video here.